In loving memory of

Joseph Horner

1993 - 2019

Joseph - Joe. Our exuberant little boy, who both entered and left the world in the same dramatic fashion that he lived. Born more than 5 weeks early, and in the wrong hospital (due to his premature but healthy arrival), he proceeded to charge through life with vigour and huge enjoyment, focusing on everything he liked, and dismissing anything he didn't, and sweeping his brothers and numerous friends along with him. Pokemon, Gameboy, loud music and toy cars were his passions when young and we had endless traffic jams of little vehicles winding through the house. Joe was always keen to focus on 'fun' at Fern Hill school and highly rated playtime with his many friends. He carried on his cheeky playful role at Grey Court, but still managed a good bunch of GCSEs and moved onto Esher College and then to Brighton University to study Geography. Joe always recalled his student days as being happy and carefree, and adjusting back to an adult life of work and routine seemed hugely unappealing. Exciting holiday jobs, however, did enthuse Joe and he was so delighted and proud to complete 2 summer seasons at Buckingham Palace. This was also where he met Charli, and although his mental health by this time was sadly declining, he loved her dearly and they spent some truly happy times together. There were times when Joe was too ill to work, but in his better times he focused on his goal of becoming a zoo keeper. Starting at Chessington, then Hobbledown he gradually gained experience with hoofstock animals, particularly appreciating rhinos, camels and giraffe. Joe's ambition was realised when he was employed as a keeper at London Zoo, a place that he and Charli loved to visit. We are so grateful to the hoofstock team who encouraged and supported his work at a time when he was often struggling to get through each day. The friends who tried to contact him, and everyone who showed us empathy at times when we were trying to help him are all so much valued. We will love him and miss him and he will remain our treasured son and brother always.

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