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Preserve cherished memories of a loved one using our memorial page service that makes it easy to post photos, share memories and light candles. Pure Memories can be shared with family and friends so that even distant relatives can add their stories and messages.

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What is Pure Memories?

More and more people are looking for the opportunity to create a special place online to remember a loved one. This allows everyone to preserve and share their favourite memories whenever and wherever they are.

Pure Memories allows you to create a memorial page to share with family and friends. We've made it really easy to leave messages, post photos and even light memorial candles. It's perfect for those special times of the year, such as birthdays, meaningful anniversaries or memorable days that you've shared, and it's always there whenever you want to take a moment to remember that special person.

Key Features

Create a special memorial page for your loved one for free.

Share your loved one's life with Family & Friends.

Create a memorial of stories, memories, photos & more.

Plus much more!

Share Photos & Videos

Share Stories & Messages

Share Memorial/Burial location

Share important life events

We are continuously developing new features for Pure Memories so you have more ways to remember your loved ones.